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Host • Content Producer • Tech Enthusiast • Social Influencer • Community Leader


About Jon

Jon has been creating online media since 2005 and continues to share his passions with a direct, ever-growing community of technology enthusiasts.

Focused on bringing ideas to the forefront and driving those visions into fruition, Jon has found a way to perfectly balance his personality with his skill set and impact the lives of thousands. He shares not only how technology evolves but how technology transforms lives. He continues to be a trusted name in tech.

Get In Touch

Front Page Tech

Jon is the creator and owner of Front Page Tech — established in 2013 — an online media company focused on mixing tech lifestyle with laughs. It continues to educate and entertain thousands. Learn more here.

Content Producer

Jon has been creating video content for well over ten years and has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands on the planet — both on camera, and behind the scenes.

Social Influencer

As a trusted name, Jon has been able to generate community and maintain a loyal following across social media — he specializes in being able to harness his influence to introduce his followers to brands and new projects.

Web Designer

With over 15 years of experience, Jon has grown and adapted with the ever changing web design trends. He has an eye for clean and minimalist design that elevates user experience and allows design elements to melt away.